Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Are We All Now?

It's been nearly two years since District 7170 sent Amy, Tim, Jeremy, Terry (our team leader), and me to northeastern England. Since we've been back, three of us joined Rotary, one of us moved away, and all of us are still in touch.
In fact, we're even in contact with some of the folks from our trip! When our counterparts from District 1030 came here, the whole team met up with them at our district conference (our relocated member, Amy, was still here at the time). In just a few days, one of our English GSE alumni, James, is visiting. We're planning some fun things to do! A few months back, the GSE coordinator from 1030 and his wife came and stayed with Terry. I was fortunate to get to have lunch with them.
And still I talk about GSE - the ups, the downs, the fun, the strain, and every wonderful thing in between. It was a conversation just a short while ago that prompted me to update the blog.
I suspect there will be random posts every now and again by one of us.
Have a great day!