Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photos: always a work in progress

So I took a lot of photographs. I warned everyone in my profile that a camera was permanently attached. I think there were about 2,500 total, of which I eliminated about a thousand that were fuzzy, duplicates or otherwise erasable. With a workflow of one photo every five minutes, that's a lot of minutes in post-processing. Fortunately, I did much of the work while sitting in the airports on the way home. Unfortunately, I didn't completely finish before real life back home set in. So that's my excuse for not posting the shots so far. My goal was Thanksgiving (late-November) and now it's almost Christmas. Today is the day.

To see most of the photos (I generally don't like to post photos of people close up - unless in a public place - without their permission), click here. What do you think?